Reiki Level 1 Certification Course

Are you seeking a powerful way to enhance your self-healing abilities and embrace a deeper connection to the universal energy? If yes, then becoming a Reiki practitioner can unlock your true potential and open doors to remarkable healing experiences.

Do you desire to channel positive energy and bring profound healing to others? By becoming a Reiki practitioner, you can become a guiding light for those in need, spreading love, compassion, and restoring balance in their lives.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey and tap into your intuitive gifts? Daniel Monroe's Reiki Level 1 certification course combines the wisdom of Reiki with the expertise of a psychic medium, offering a unique opportunity to expand your spiritual abilities and embark on a path of self-discovery like no other.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, taking this Reiki Level 1 certification course with psychic medium Daniel Monroe's is the perfect choice for you. Embrace the power within, unlock your healing potential, and witness the magic that unfolds as you step into your role as a Reiki practitioner.

About Your Teacher...

Daniel Monroe is not your average psychic medium. From a young age, he possessed a unique connection with the spirit world. At just 17 years old, he embraced his calling and embarked on a journey that would change countless lives.

With unwavering determination, Daniel has opened doors for numerous psychics, mediums, and healers in the Pacific Northwest. He stands proudly in his truth, unafraid to showcase his gifts to the world. Through his appearances on AM Northwest and other media platforms, he has shattered the stigma surrounding being gifted, proving that it is a beautiful and powerful aspect of one's identity.

Through one-on-one sessions and captivating live shows, Daniel has touched the lives of thousands. His ability to connect with spirits has brought comfort, healing, and guidance to those seeking solace. His genuine desire to help others has led him to establish the Daniel Monroe Development Academy (DMDA), providing a space for individuals to embrace their own unique gifts and develop their abilities.

About This Course...

 Get ready to experience the power of Reiki Level 1 with the incredible Daniel Monroe psychic medium. He is not only passionate about this immersive in-person certification program, but he genuinely cares about your growth and development.

Daniel Monroe is bursting with excitement to guide you through the world of Reiki. In this course, you will not only learn about Reiki, but you will also become attuned to its healing energy. Imagine the incredible possibilities that lie ahead as you unlock this ancient healing modality.

Throughout the course, Daniel will share his expertise and teach you various techniques to harness the power of Reiki. You will learn how to use Reiki for yourself, your friends and family, and even your beloved pets. The connection between you, your guides, and angels will be strengthened, allowing you to tap into your intuition like never before.

One of the essential aspects of this course is understanding the different energy points within the body. Daniel will guide you in mastering these energy centers, helping you to become a skilled practitioner. You will learn how to clear negative, stagnant energy and replace it with positive energy and love and light.

As a student, you will receive multiple handouts and prerequisites to prepare you for this life-changing experience. Daniel's goal is to ensure that you are not only ready but also excited to step into The Academy and begin your Reiki journey.

So, are you ready to step into a world of healing and transformation? Join Daniel in this Reiki Level 1 course and unlock your true potential. Embrace the power of Reiki, and watch as your life and the lives of those around you are forever changed.

Your journey starts now!

What You'll Learn During This Course...

Introduction to Reiki


- Understanding the origins and principles of Reiki
- Exploring the energy body and chakras

 Intuition and Energy Sensitivity

- Cultivating and trusting your intuition in Reiki practice
- Exploring techniques to deepen your connection with energy

Reiki Self-Healing Techniques

- Learning hand positions for self-healing
- Practicing Reiki self-treatment for physical and emotional well-being

Working with Spirit Guides and Angels 

- Developing a connection with spiritual helpers
- Learning how to incorporate their guidance in Reiki sessions

Healing Others

- Techniques for providing Reiki to friends, family, and future clients
- Understanding the importance of intention and intuition in healing

Animal Reiki:


- Discovering how Reiki can benefit animals
- Techniques for providing Reiki to pets and other animals

Course Schedule

Class will be held In Daniel Monroe's Spirit Centers Class room right here in the heart of Downtown Vancouver WA.



10am PST - 5:00pm PST

We will break for lunch from 1:00pm - 2:00pm