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Daniel Monroe grew up being different and an outcast. His upbringing wasn’t the easiest being the youngest of seven siblings, growing up on a farm and parents, who to this day cannot accept him for being him and at times were abusive. He faced being bullied in and out of school and abandonment issues. At the age of 17 Daniel Monroe took himself out from that surrounding and found his true self and his full potential and within him he found he is a gifted young psychic medium. Now being 23 years old, Daniel has not only found who he is, but he has helped thousands of people find their path and connect with their loved ones in spirit all over the world! 


“When I was younger, I knew I wanted to make a difference, little did I know that would be by talking to loved ones in spirit! My gifts were always there, I remember talking and blaming weird things that would happen in our family home on “the spirits” little did I know I would be working with them bringing healing and peace to not only the physical world but to the other side as well.”

Daniel Monroe has dedicated himself to help as many people as possible, if that being reconnecting you with your departed loved ones or by you hearing his story and finding comfort and peace within yourself, knowing you are not alone! 


“I’ve been very blessed and fortunate to fly from L.A. to New York and be able to train with some of the greats. I wanted to push my gifts and abilities but more importantly honor spirit and my gifts and be able to share the incredible messages and healing that spirit has to relay and teach us. I always say; I might be young, but my soul always ages with every message I deliver.” 

Daniel has created Daniel Monroe Psychic Development Academy to help people from all ages and all walks of life to develop, embrace and step into their true soul calling. A space that is safe, loving, comfortable and welcoming where you can learn, grow and connect with your higher self and re-spark that beautiful bright light within you!

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