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from Heaven

Do you have a loved one that you would like to connect with? 
Would you like to receive validation that your loved ones are still a part of your life?

Daniel Monroe is a young and extremely gifted well known Psychic Medium from the Portland area with the ability to “hear” and “see” that which most cannot. Given this gift to be able to communicate with our loved ones in spirit, Daniel has been able to share his gifts and relay messages full of love, laughter and healing to thousands of people from all over.

Join Daniel for an amazing evening as he brings closure and peace live in person during this extraordinary event "Hello from Heaven®". During this event full of messages from Spirit, get ready to experience and witness the remarkable healing messages from your loved ones in heaven.
As with any gallery reading, not everyone is guaranteed a direct reading; however, spirit does “piggy back” meaning there can be messages encoded in the readings that at any moment you hear a message that rings true in your heart, that message can easily be for you as well.

Let him help YOU understand and receive answers to the questions that may linger in your mind so that you can heal your heart.

Hello Vancouver, WA!
March 24, 2023 @ 7:00pm

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