Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant when it says "the whole Bible is engraved and minimized into a chip"?

The implication is that all 929 chapters of the Bible (from Genesis through Psalms to Chronicles) are engraved inside the Bible-Shield chip thanks to innovative technology.

Is the nano-bible resistant to water?

The chip is not destroyed by water, and the pendant itself is plated with 1 micron of water-resistant real gold.
At the same time, we recommend avoiding entering the sea with the pendant, as the salts may damage it.

what is nano technology ?

Nanotechnology is a cutting-edge technology that allows storage of dense information or materials into miniaturized spaces. By applying this innovative technology, TANAOR™ provides a contemporary interpretation of ancient engraving methods used to inscribe the earliest holy texts

Is it possible to physically see the biblical text engraved on the chip?

In order to read the Bible on a chip, a professional microscope with a magnification of 10,000 is required

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