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I completely understand that coming to a psychic medium can be overwhelming and emotional. During a reading you share a side of you that is vulnerable and raw and I first want to thank you for even taking that step towards healing and placing your trust with me.

I want to take this moment and share my ethics and my promise in all that I do.

  • I will be respectful to you and Spirit

  • I will hold space full of love and compassion

  • I will keep an environment that is judgment free

  • I will honor my gifts and my truth

  • I will be truthful and kind

  • I will deliver the messages that come forward with love and gentleness

  • I will always take my time and put your emotions first

  • I will never discriminate anyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious beliefs, age or disabilities.

  • I will have integrity and speak from my heart

  • I will receive the information from Spirit and Sprit only

  • I will keep a positive energy

  • I will keep every session confidential

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